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Your Heaven on our Earth

Misty Krishnagiri

Would you like to enjoy the bucolic life on a green farmland that is 

  • Just 2 hours and 30 minutes from Bangalore
  • Surrounded completely by dense reserve forests
  • Landscaped naturally by picturesque panoramic mountains
  • 30 mins from Cauvery river for fishing, swimming & camping
  • 90 mins from the Niagara of South India - Hogenakkal Falls
  • 90 mins from Chunchi Falls for a solitary picnic lunch
  • Brimming with underground water that's tastier than mineral water
  • Accessible for uninterrupted electricity power connection
  • Approachable all the way by good roads with beautiful scenery
  • Near to a backyard hill for a leisurely evening ascent
  • Replete with wildlife neighbours - elephants, deer, peacocks...
  • Close to the most adventurous trekking trails in the region
  • Windy enough to fly a kite every single evening 
  • Devoid of any pollution that you get to see stars filled night skies
  • Cooler by several degrees that orchid farms are here (4,500ft MSL)
  • Completely isolated from all the hustle and bustle of the urban life

   If YES, then why wait any longer to set up your dream

  • Farm Villa
  • Organic Farm
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Dairy Farm 
  • Exotic Landscaping
  • Agro Forestry
  • Poultry Farming
  • Floriculture
  • Greenhouse Farming

We offer customised farm plots for each and every client and we will ensure that the necessary amenities, facilities and security are provided to your satisfaction.

Located near Anchetty (Denkanikottai) in Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu

Farmland 360 Degree View

Cauvery River

Cows & Creeks

Pricing & Payment

For a farmland with scenic landscape, indigenous water supply, clear titles, road and electricity access below are the reference prices 

Nandi Hills           -       300 Lakhs per acre

Hosur                    -       140 Lakhs per acre

Denkanikottai      -        90 Lakhs per acre

Thally                   -        75 Lakhs per acre

Anchetty              -        45 Lakhs per acre

While we offer far more than the above locations, our price is only

My Shangrila       -        26 Lakhs per acre onwards       (Rs.60 per sqft)

  • Minimum farmland size is 3 acres
  • 25% advance on finalisation of farmland
  • 75% balance at the time of Registration 


  • Anyone can buy agricultural land in Tamilnadu
  • Land Reform Act clearly permits building farmhouse
  • Farmhouse can occupy up to 10% of the farmland
  • Only Village Panchayat approval needed to construct
  • Agricultural income is 100% free of Income Taxes
  • No capital gains tax incurred when you resell the land
  • Banks will not give loan for purchasing agricultural land
  • Personal loan for corporate employees can be facilitated