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Your Heaven on our Earth


Manoj Veerakumar

Passionate about nature, guitar, flute, piano, vocals, basketball, football, motorcycling, canines, flora, calligraphy, chess, charcoal sketching, salsa, travelling, puns, poetry, movies, music, yoga, spirituality, work and life!  

Worked for more than a decade in leadership roles with multi-nationals such as IBM, Shell, Total, and Valvoline.

Alum of ISB - Indian School of Business.


Creating sustainable GREEN value

My Shangrila is focussed on getting you closer to nature and offering you an investment opportunity which gives a great ROI besides endearing joy.  We propagate eco-friendly practises such as organic farming, desi cow breeding, rain water harvesting, recycling to ensure that we enjoy the fruits of our labour responsibly. The natural ecosystem that we present to you is pristine, eco-sensitive and needs your utmost care and affection.  In return you will get something that is incomparable to the urban life - peace, serenity, memories, relaxation, rejuvenation, and bliss. Just as we cherry pick our farm lands for the best attributes so do we cherry pick our clients who share the same values as us. My Shangrila is Your Shangrila!

compelling value proposition

Our organisation strives to deliver a value proposition with considerable tangible and intangible benefits that is compelling to our clientele in the near term as well as the long term. We will assist in resale as well.

My Shangrila Cares

A portion of our annual earnings is invested in local non-profit initiatives to make a sustainable and substantial difference in the local community which will help them strive for eco-sustainability.